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Dec 2, 2007
Shreveport, La.
Hey members, I have a 06 R3 Classic; Jet Black & Sunset Red that I love to ride. I am in Shreveport , LA. I want to improve the performance of my bike , I want to replace the stock exhaust system with the Jardine full exhaust system , for the intake I could use some help, I would like to run a naturally aspirated intake with velocity stacks and triple filters of some kind , I am seeking feedback here. Does anyone out there have measurements and calculations for the stacks for this application? And what filters would you recommend ? I have Tuneboy already but have not interfaced with the bike with the software yet.
Welcome to the forum. Your options for what you want to do with the intake are limited to whether or not you want to keep the bearclaw cover on or in modify it. There are filters that will fit under the claw on each throttle body. As far as velosity stacks, Hombre is the only one I know of that has had any made but it was for a custom intake.

There is no reason with triple K&Ns, Jardines and Tuneboy that you can't get 150+hp at the rear wheel.
Welcome to the site. I have relatives in Arcadia not to far from you. Good luck on your customizing, I'm sure one of our Hot Rod Captians will be along any minute to help you out. I'm keeping mine stock for the present except for some Flipmeister Bling:D
Welcome to the forum Tbucket:bch:
K&N makes a replacement filter substitute for the stock air-box filter.
There is a mod that eliminates the stock box filter with of an under the tank K&N filter. The under tank model is larger than the stock filter. I can't say by how much.
Then there's the Triple K&Ns which can be stuffed under the bear claw.
Welcome Tbucket

Can't help ya with the mods, as mine is still under warrenty, and has already saved me about $2000.00 in repairs to my output shaft. So I'm gonna leave er stock till that expires.
But I did want to say Welcome.
To GOD be the glory,
Welcome to the site Tbucket. I run Jar's on my 2005 and love the sound and extra ponies. I use the under tank mounted K&N and very happy with the set up. Contribute often and post some pic's when you get a chance.