Super Displacement by Honda?


Mar 8, 2006
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Could it be true.....cruiser competition from Honda?!?!

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When Honda introduced the VTX1800 several years ago, it was the big dog. A v-twin this size in production at such a large volume was unheard of. Times change.
The Kawasaki Vulcan 2000, and then the Triumph Rocket III (displacing roughly 2,300cc) has changed this perception of cruiser enthusiasts about 1800cc cruisers. No longer the big dog
Is Honda planning to play leap-frog and introduce an even larger displacement cruiser? There is a new rumor to that effect. Apparently, Honda has a bag of new models ready for Fall introduction. If there is such a bike being developed, and if it is intended as a 2007 model, we may see something as early as this September.
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Honda had the Valky'... but it failed to develop it . To me, it was an original (as opposed to a "me too" V-twin), extraordinary HD rival. But the Valky' lacked character. I sold mine for one simple reason, and that was boredom.

The Rocket III has got both power AND personality:)
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