Squid Infestation


Dec 31, 2006
Well it was bound to happen...

Fabulous February day in Virgina... sunny and in the 50s. Great day for riding, so I'm out on my R3 monster. She loves the cooler air, and even with the intercooler makes better power in this weather. I suck through a tank of gas throttle-jockeying around the countryside and head to the closest Shell station (need that 93 octane).

There in the parking lot are 6 squids... two Zx-14s, three R-1s, and a Busa. Not one rider over 20 years old... but every squid eye is glued to my R3 as I pull around the station and up the gas pumps... must be that supercharger whine.

I shut her down and started pumping gas... looked over and said in a friendly way, "Any body racing today?" These boys didn't know what to think! Who's this crazy old man with some supercharged bike (don't know what da Fck it is) with more CF than we've got between us?!? They looked at each other... shook their heads no, saddled up and left before I could pay for my gas (and chase them down the road)!

****, am I that FN ugly? :D:D:D
Don't Mistake Ugliness for Ostracism or Vice-Versa

Hombre, what you describe is called ostracism.

The word is remotely derived from the noun oyster or ostreon in Greek and, later, ostrea in Latin. In early, antique Greece, senators were either re-elected or ousted depending upon the number of oyster shells dropped at their feet by their constituents.

Squids shared the same sludgy Mediterranean environment as these oysters. But while they had a short life expectancy and a terrible stench in common, only oysters left a shell behind . Hence the revengeful and...infesting way squids behave today:cool:
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I'm thinking if a crazy old guy pulled up on a supercharged obviously tweaked monstor ENGINE with some CF wheels and started pumping out super unleaded ....

well nah I don't think you will get many takers....

soooo have you had it to the track yet?

we tend to overlook how BIG teh engine actually is in person,,, the guys I work with refer to it as the engine with wheels
Any Takers?

Hombre...... Keep posting these kind of encounters! Some of us will never have the riding ability and power you possess so we live vicariously through you and other un-nerved Captains.

I've had several takers over the past few years. Left a '07 V-rod at the light, stayed with a Busa through 3 gear and even took on a V-8 Ferrari mid-ship. Most of the time it's little rice burners that have a big muffler, ting sound and some young 17 year old wanted to race the old man. My usual request of them is, " Are you sure you want some of this?"
If they nod affirmatively, I then say, " I'll wait for you at the next light"....... and I do!
You'd think at least one would take you on just to see what your beast can do! :rolleyes:
Kids these days...no balls. :D
the brute

she's black and blue, thus brutal to behold..... the very essence of the twinkle in my eyes,and you've got her you lucky man..... enjoy the fruits of life,so that i may vicariously as well :D

The truth is that if they can really ride those bikes, some would have aced me on our twisty country roads... but they didn't want to find out. :p
The truth is that if they can really ride those bikes, some would have aced me on our twisty country roads... but they didn't want to find out. :p

your right.but then again,it might also be the other way .i suppose that's where the fun is,in finding out :D.

greg ;)
Nice story Hombre.
Most of the squids round here can't ride worth a toss or have no balls. I can keep up with most of them on the twisties, the bigger ones get away from me on the long straights........not for long.:D