Oct 8, 2007
Good morning everyone, I've been reading your post with interest, started on the tit mouse thing, LOL too funny!!! Anyway about myself, just purchased my first Triumph, 07 rocket 3 touring, Awesome bike!! Looked at the street glide, concours 1400, vtx 1800n, I didn't get out of low gear on the rocket and I knew it was going home with me. (grinning) of course. I'm a self employed contractor and put in a lot of hours but when I disappear I'm on the rocket. Right now in the basement sits, 07 rocket, 05 vtx 1300 R, and a 07 636 ninja. I'm interested in any rides that may be going on even to Myrtle or O.C. or some local. I'm outa here.

thanks for the welcome

thanks for the welcome, I'm from western md, coldest place in the state of course. I'm looking to be making a trip to Mo. first part of the year.

Good morning, yes I'm about 20 miles north, Grantsville, name is John, I usually only need a short notice.
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Glad you've found the site. We have fun and share a lot of bike and personal stuff. You've got one of my favorite color combos.

You might send a PM to VONBONDS as I think he's from Maryland as well.

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