.060 Over
Sep 8, 2006
Lansing, MI
30 MPH to 0 MPH in six inches hurts.

Bikes like the Rocket 3 don't mind but 52 year old human bodies do.

Broken rib and collarbone with a dinner plate sized bruise.

Sailed over the bars and took off the windshield in the processs.

Loose gravel left on a tight turn, thanks to the Ingham County Road Comission, my "friends" and public servants.

I will back on the road in two months, weather permitting. I hope the Rocket can wait.
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That sucks... take it easy for awhile. I've noticed Rockets don't like gravel.

If we can help... just ask.
I have ridden Triumphs since I was 16 and have wrecked everyway imaginable and twice like your misfortune. The good news is that you were not hurt any worse and you will learn from the experience. My advice: Get back on as soon as you can and push it hard. More accidents on bikes occur from being tenative rather than using the power to get out of jams. Glad you are relatively ok.:(
The bike is not too bad I am told, a side cover and maybe the radiator need replacing. Scratches buffed out. A new winshield, shift and brake lever are in order, maybe pipes. I would have done that someday anyway. I have not seen the bike, a friend trailered it to his garage. I could not get up on even one elbow off the side of the road, the broken rib really hurt. I am much improved and will really feel better in another week. I can't wait to ride some more.
Sorry Banjo

Wondered where you had been. Glad you are still with us and hope the bike can be brought back to good health too. Come spring, you will be ready to go at again. Somebody up above must have been riding with you. Let us know if there is anything we can do.....

Amy just read it over my shoulder.......helps to tell your sister...will call.


Related the call to Amy, especially the part about laying there being cordial...she laughed, you can't.
Time to be sedate. Betcha Marian won't get on the back anytime soon.
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