Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
It's not that I have any monumental thing to post.......I just thought I'd check and see if this group is still active. Yeah.....it's cold and yeah......it windy and did I mention cold?

Tuesday was the strange day where it got to 59 in Tonganoxie and I was without the beast. Had to practice firing the H&K USP 45 for qualification. Did anyone get out and about for some riding?

Don't give up yet. The only good thing about winter is it makes you appreciate spring that much more. I predict no more measurable accumulation of snow and heat waves into the 30's in a week or so.

How about we get together just to get together. Maybe we could eat, drink and throw around ideas for rides we'd like to take as a group. Did I mention eating? The best times for me would be any Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening.

Okay, the floor is open......... What Say You?
I'm workin' that Google Earth magic to find my way there. I hope to meet up with you guys next Sunday afternoon. We'll see what transpires.