Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Last night I lost one of my dear friends who I'd known since we were 8. Pat had been fighting throat, and later lung cancer. He'd been in remission several times and we all thought he'd kicked it in the butt. Unfortunately his body got tired of fighting and he got tired of the pain. Monday he had Hospice take over his care at home and with the help of morphine, he quietly fell into a deep sleep yesterday.

Several of you got to meet him when he rode with us to Sedalia for the first RAA. He rode several times with the KC riders and was my token Hardley buddy. I'll miss his kidding, quick wit, funny sayings and true friendship!
The loss of a good old close friend is something I never wish to experience. I'll be thinking about you this evening PM, and Pat as well. I did get to meet him during the Sedalia trip and, I believe, one other time.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

I am sorry to hear of Pat's passing. I got to visit with him some when I came down to ride with you to St. Joe this spring, He seemed to enjoy life to its fullest and I am sure he's ridin and smilin right now.
Sorry this is so late... I have been blocked from R3Owners.net for a week. This is very sad news. I really enjoyed talking to Pat and he always seemed so positive and upbeat. He will be missed by all. It is rare to have such a person touch your life. Here's to Pat.......
Sorry to hear about your loss Pianoman. I remember him from the trip last year. Very sad indeed :(.

PS. I too am sorry for my late response, I haven't been logging in too much lately.