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Nov 13, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Gidday to all who have seen the light !
I've been viewing your sight for a while now and thought it was about time I joined the faithful. I'm a converted R3 owner from Melbourne Australia who can't get enough riding time but love tinkering in the shed whenever I can't ride. I have some experience with mods as you can see if you look through my photo album, but if you ever need help or an opinion on any of these topics, feel free to ask. I have a 2006 R3 with full Jardine system and PowerCommander (previously had Staintunes), 14" apes, hidden wiring, cut and cleaned rear, LED indicators, lowered, and other bits and pieces. Currently I have the wheels and front-end in at the chromers for a facelift getting ready for summer...........catch ya

So glad you joined us and it sounds like you're going to be a great fountain of information about mods and creativity on the R3. Since you've been along for the ride for some time you've already noticed there's some techs that talk the talk and walk the walk. And then there's one like me who shouldn't be allowed to have sharp tools in the shed without some type of supervision.

The main thing is enjoying the bike, learning what you can and can't do with it and of course.....meeting great people who share the love of riding. Again, welcome and jump in with both feet anytime!

PS...... I have the Staintune 3/3 with their Cat Box. Seems to work great and I picked up around 22 hp. The only thing I was surprised about was they were polished stainless steel and not chrome. Thus, I've got some yellowing behind the chrome covers which I've been told can be polished out with a buffer. Any particular reason you changed to Jardines?
Thanks Pianoman,
I was never overly happy with the Staintunes for 3 reasons 1) they always popped, crackled, and backfired, 2) I was also looking for something a little throatier, & 3) I really preferred the look of 1 pipe on each side. I don't believe Triumph ever supplied me the right tune for them anyway and if I had added the Powercommander (or a tuneboy) earlier I would have probably stayed content enough. Having said that I am absolutely over the moon with the PCIII & Jardine combo - power & sound is awesome. They can be a little loud on long trips if you can't ride at the optimal rev range (for me that is 3000rpm in top gear), but they look heaps better with one pipe on each side, and the power is significantly better, instant, & crisp. I would now always recommend the Jardines.
Hey Damd!!

You mean to tell me there are 8278 Damd's before you? Who would have thunk?? :D

I'm glad you found us... a lot of good people here. Most of who like to tinker also.


PS... I like your rear license plate bracket. Did you just build a plate that goes under the rear taillamp housing?
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Welcome Damd.

Thanks for taking the time to post some excellent photo's and tell a bit about yourself.

Your bike ROCKS!!!. Love the ape hangers and agree that one pipe on each side is the best look. You have one of the best looking license plate mod I've seen, IMHO. Really shows off the rear end.:) Not sure what the law says down under but in the states the license plate needs to be lit. I can't tell if your is but I'm sure I could make it happen without much fuss.

PS Love your grips, pegs and petals....:bch:
Yeah thanks guys. Number plate bracket is a std. ZODIAC aftermarket item, just position right and drill 3 holes thru the guard. And Yes, number plates downunder are supposed to be lit but you cant have everything legal ! I do have a light setup in mind but have not fitted it yet, it involves a 1.5mm wide fibre-optic cable coming through the bottom of the plate bracket to emit a small white light onto the plate..........
it involves a 1.5mm wide fibre-optic cable coming through the bottom of the plate bracket to emit a small white light onto the plate..........
That idea would certainly be inconspicuous and should emit adequate light. I was thinking of doing something with a LED light bar attached to the upper bracket. Small and inconspicuous. It would be nice to see a close-up of your idea in action,....when completed.

Welcome Damd:
That is one good looking R/3. I too run the Jardines and PC111 and I agree with you on the sound and response. Jump in often and I am logging out heading for the search mode for ZODIAC items. Also great job on the hidden cables, I have never seen one of you Aussie's yet that wasn't a geat wrench turner.
welcome damd, nice mods. like the thicker bars. any big hassel pulling the forks apart for chroming ? ie : special tools etc. i assume you will need new seals etc. i want to black powder coat mine.