Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Had totally lost sight of the fate of that 30 (?) -year old, raucous rock band. It's reportedly about to tour continental Europe. "Tour Europe" ? No fancy Knightsbridge, Champs-Elysées or Maximilian Strasse venues, mind you. No press conference. No revival alibi . No charity excuse. More like having to locate the place of the gig and explain it to the cab driver. An American friend of mine and closet Motorhead devotee sent me a "live" tape, vintage Feb. or March this year, recorded somewhere in middle 'Merica. Wow!

What's your take on this enduring band, vintage 2007? Jamie
Wow Jamie, so ya like heavy metal. Motorhead is still a cult here for the headbangers. Played in Zurich last in 1983. They return to Zurich June 2nd (this weekend), and then play several venues in the UK with Alice Cooper and Joan Jett Nov. 6-18. Rock On!
I'm starting to hate YouTube

It appears that if we link to a vid YouTube pulls it, possibly because it then becomes more than single users looking at vids. I'll try to post a URL that you can cut and paste in the future without a direct link and see if the vid stays up.

I know YouTube catches a lot of flack for copyright violations... you would think the music industry would like the free promotion and advertising. I buy a lot of tunes after seeing them on YouTube but I guess the record industry doesn't see it that way.