Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
What is it with this **** weather? Week days are getting warm, dry and perfect for a two wheeled stroll through the streets and highways around town. Then the weekend shows up like the weird uncle nobody ever liked and ruins it all.

Tonight I'm watching the local weather for this weekend and they say Sunday will be in the mid 50's with a 60% chance of rain. Now that's all I needed to hear. Riding alone has it's moments but all in all...... I prefer several of us enjoying the ride, the scenery and of course THE FOOD!

If it does downpour, I hope my Kansas University team will be playing in the Big 12 final at 2 pm. It will help ease the pain....especially if we win!
I'm looking forward to a good "toad strangler" or two to clense away the winter salt & chat dumpings. I too can't wait to get my butt back on top of the Rocket. I sure hope my goodies get here before long. Looking forward to that "Rumbley Rocket" concept.

Sunday looks like a wash...

We were thinking a short ride Saturday to Engle's for the Bike Week open house. Right now Saturday at least looks dry and Mid to High 60's??

I won't know until probably Friday night but I may be tied up on Saturday. If not I will be good to go Saturday afternoon.

Piggr... can you get out Saturday at all? Rusty? Dave? How about you Ray? Jeff?

Or any other ideas... I'm gamey :D
I've never been to Engle's. Talked with Bobby several times when I was looking to buy. I'd sure like to get out for a ride but what time are we talking? I most likely will need to put in some time at work on Saturday morning.

More info would help me plan. See ya.
Sorry guys, headed to New York tomorrow at ten and return Sunday nite late. Going to see my daughter who is graduating from Law School this spring. Keep me posted on following rides. especially want to hook up with Pig who I have not met. Hope you guys get out this weekend.
Saturday It Is

I'll make the first move and say we meet at Engle Motors around 2:00 pm Saturday.

I'm thinking of a little lunch about 12:00 at Dave's Famous BBQ - next to the Great Wolf Lodge and Cabela's by the NASCAR track. Rusty if you can make it we'll grab a bite and then ride over to Engle's. I29 to 435 South and take the west exit of State Ave. Turn right at the first light and Dave's will be on your left.

Anyone else is welcome to join. If not, I'll see you all around 2:00 pm at Engle.
Piggr and I are going to try to make Famous Dave's. I may have to cancel out due to some company that may show, but as of right now it looks like its a go...

I'll post something in the Morning to let you guys know...

Here I am with no Chickens and a free Saturday, and wouldn't you know that stupid a$$ County decided to put gravel on our entire road today. That is normally OK though, in and of itself, but the rain all day today has made "mini gravel ponds" up and down the road, turning it into a sort of non hardening cement mixture. DANG IT!!!!:mad:

I'll have to pass......:(