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Sep 19, 2006
N. E. Hampshire, England
Dave from NE Hampshire in England here. I ride a 2005 R3. It has a custom red and silver paint job, TORs and cat bypass, huge single headlamp, pull-back bars, various extra chrome parts and still adding/changing bits. Previously have had a string of Sprint STs and need to sell the current one to keep the other half happy :rolleyes:

harbo....... Nice to have you on board. Sounds like you've been pretty busy with changes, add-ons and design mods. I second the motion to see some photos of the beast. I hope you'll enjoy the site and the people who make it interesting, informative and fun.
Welcome harbo, This is a good site for getting ideas, stealing other peoples' ideas, or just getting a good laugh or two. Please jump in often.
Hi Harbo!!

Welcome to our little spam magnet... I mean web site :D. We do try to talk Rockets here along with having fun... so please join in!!

It's certainly important to improve forward illumination.

Honestly, at first glance i didn't like the headlight. By the time I got to the Fourth pic, it's retro look grew on me, as it does match the case shape of the speedo and tach. Who makes it?:)

Kudos on the extremely tasteful custom paint job.:bch:

I must confess that I can't take credit (or blame) for the choice of headlamp, or paint job, as they were both present when I bought the bike.

I am still undecided on the light but my other half really likes it as the bike has similar shapes, as you noted about the clocks.