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Jan 2, 2022
2022 Rocket 3 GT
Hello all - what an amazing forum! I'm new to Triumphs so thought I'd say hi real quick. Primarily, kudos to all who've created this space and clearly continue to put a lot of work into it's maintenance!
I purchased an R3 GT Triple Black in October but haven't had the chance to ride it yet as the weather had unfortunately turned before it was delivered. Alas, it sits in the garage and I wait patiently for spring. Something to look forward to I suppose.
The last 2 bikes I've owned were GSXR 750's and decided that as I'll be hitting the ripe age of 48 this year it's probably time to get something that was a little more age appropriate....kinda haha. Last summer some friends and I went on a weeks road trip and my body didn't appreciate those long days on the gixxer too much. I've pretty much had a bike whether it be a cruiser or sport bike since my late teens but always fond of the Rockets. I'm not a big guy(only 5'8 and 150lbs)so always a bit leery of the weight of the machine but it's dropped a bit in recent years and it felt pretty good feeling it out at the dealer's. Weight carries pretty low/centered and felt really good sitting on it but I'm sure I'd never pick the bloody thing up if it ever fell over lol.
I'm not too sure about the position of the foot pegs on the GTs only because of my height but I'll feel that out in the spring I guess.
Anywhew - just wanted to say hi to everyone and express what a fantastic place this seems to be to congregate as well as help each other out. And maybe ask if there's any common issues to look out for ie. electronics etc that pop up on these machines when you're breaking them in.



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May 26, 2014
Tucson, AZ
"Fiona" my '14 R3T & "Delilah" my '16 V-Rod Muscle
WELCOME! to our R3 Family from Tucson, Arizona... and get ready for your new Perma-Grin! Looking forward to your first ride report...


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Nov 2, 2013
Timmins, Ontario
2012 Rocket Roadster
Welcome from Northern Ontario. Glad to see you've upgraded to a Rocket. I can just imagine how many times a day you'll be climbing onto the new girl imagining that first ride come spring.... Top it off with the CO poisoning taking place as you constantly fire her up for a few seconds, several times a day. Has the better half told you to shut the thing down yet or close the garage door... lol. You're gonna have fun with that "Age Appropriate Lobamba"

Oh, nice intro..
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