Hello from Connecticut


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Jul 3, 2007
East Haven, Connecticut USA
Hello from East Haven, Connecticut, USA a small town just outside of New Haven, Connecticut (New England). I ordered my new rocket going on three weeks ago. The bike arrived last Thursday. The dealer can’t nail down when the paperwork will catch up with the bike! It just makes me nuts not knowing when I’ll be able to bring her home. :soapbox:

Anyway, I’ve been riding on an off for over twenty years and last year decided to get back on the horse (so to speak). I bought a new Honda vt750 (Areo Shadow) nice bike to get back in the swing. I started researching different bikes this year and when I saw the Rocket 3 I knew that it was the bike for me. I know this is a lot of bike compare to the Honda and can’t wait to take it for a ride. :cool:

I’ve been checking out the posts and I’m finding a lot of interesting information about the rocket 3. All you guys seem great and I’m looking forward to posting more when I have a rocket under my seat.

Skyking, are you sure the dealer just doesn,t want to keep It on the floor for his advertising benefit??Strange he has the bike but not the papers..You will love It but be carefull with that throttle..Its no 750..Welcome to the fourm..Ask us anything.. Crazy Jack I remember skyking..Iam an old Fart
Nothing worse than waiting on a bike, let alone seeing it there but not being able to take it home. Maybe worth some accessories from the dealer???

Welcome, Skyking glad you found us. And Jack is an old fart.:D
Yea Skyking, what Piger said. Every day should equate to $100 worth of bling. That would get them off their a$$. Or get you a lot of goodies, which ever comes first.

Welcome! Tell us more of the space ship you purchased.

OH YEA, I'm old enough to recall Skyking. If fact, every small airplane we'd see when we were kids suddenly became "SKYYYYYYYYYYYKIIIIIIIIIIIING".
VFR All The Way

Happy to have you join us. The family is increasing by leaps and bounds....... and that's a good thing. I think we've got a few Nor Easters riding around your neck of the woods. Hope you can hook up and ride.

I'm guessing by your name that you're a pilot. I stopped flying about 20 years ago and miss it everyday. Like my first instructor said, " If you're taking off and you look out the window and everything's getting smaller......you're doing Okay!"

I wonder whatever happened to his niece..... Penny?
SkyKing was my most favorite show when I was a youngster:)

Yep, the Beast is a lot more than a 750. Take it slow to start with, then ride like you stole it. Pretty soon you'll be starting off like you stole. It'll fit yer butt in no time. Well, three or four months tops:D (2-3k).

Welcome to the forum and join in often. You didn't mention which model?
Thanks Jack for your kind words; I wouldn’t want this type of advertising if I were the dealer. I’m not too happy with them at the moment. I’m sure once I have the rocket and I have a chance to see how the dealer treats me after the sale, I’ll feel better.:)
Hi Rusty,

Well it is a Mulberry Red, Rocket 3. No mods or accessories yet. But before I ride it home that might change.

My father in law nicked named me Sky when I started learning to fly and the name just stuck. He is a character:roll:
Thanks PianoMan,

I just stopped a couple of years ago. I fly PA 160 Piper single engine out of Tweed New Haven Airport. I flew every where I could that got me back in one day. Loved going to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Block Island, Montauk NY, just to name a few. My wife and I would be flying back from a trip and we would be about 1000 feet above Interstate 95 and we would see red brake lights on for miles and just smile.:D

I’m sure I’ll do it again but for now 2 wheels on a Rocket.:bch: