Hello everybody, I'm from Paris


Jan 12, 2020
Soon R3-R
First of all thank you to Dr.D. who gave me the reference of this forum. This is sufficient for me to be certain to be at the right place :)

I don't own (never did) a Triumph but it may change soon : condition 1) : if the take-back price for my Indian Roadmaster fits with my budget to purchase a red R3 R, condition 2) if I forget about the comfort and protection of my Indian and condition 3) if I don't look too much my charming Indian (ref. picture further down) !
I believe I should find it out as early as this month anyway.

Why such a move ? Mainly because my current use has changed : only short and rather dynamic rides (1 day max) with multi-brands riders (I organize the rides), on small and twisty roads and solo.

I see the R3 having a common point with my Indian : the feeling to ride a unique machine :) and in particular how easy it is to ride it with the impression that it is much lighter, it reacts to me like a bicycle but with a catapult engine and electronics of super sports bikes. And I prefer a shaft drive (I've done with chain ones a long time ago).

The handling quality and especially the impression to ride a bike weighting, I'd say about 150 lbs less than its actual weight (I've tested the R3 for 2 hours), has become essential to me given my age and since the riding qualities of the R3 will definitively make me feel...younger...;)

Look forward sharing with all of you. :)

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scot in exile

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Jan 14, 2006
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Welcome from sunny Florida via Scotland(auld alliance) the Scots and the French have a deep history together which goes back centuries.
Curious minds want to know how did an octane guzzling fellow from Tenessee guide you to this site????????
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