Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Went riding today and it was in the 70's. I couldn't believe it and boy was it nice just wearing a T-Shirt. I came up with all these little things I needed to buy today so I could ride from store to store picking things up, shoving them in the Beetle Bags and heading to the next stop. Of course my trip was planned so that I'd always go the farthest distance ....sometimes passing up a place I was going just to get more riding time.

Tonight I even thought about riding to Jardine's in the Plaza for dinner with friends from Maine but luckily the thunder was enough warning to use the 4 wheels and thank goodness. I got plummeted with nickel size hail from 75th and Metcalf to Fairway and then heavy, heavy rain. On the way home Flush Creek was almost over it's boundry between State Line and Southwest Trafficway ( The old part they haven't widened yet).

It's 11:39 and there's still light rain going on. The good thing is maybe it'll wash off the street and get rid of all the sand and salt. Man it's hard to turn corners with the Sahara at every street corner. I end up going real slow and steering like I had a trike.

Okay, that's it for now.

P.S. Anyone up for just getting together some Sunday for lunch? I think it's time we snuck up to St. Jo and let Rusty show us the town.

I said a prayer for you guys in KC. It sure was looking ugly.

I can certainly relate to your "shop n' stop" strategy as it's mine as well. LOL

A tornadic cell just north of us was as close as we got. Winds were so bad this morning that the lids on our 18 ton feed bins were blowing open. I did not enjoy climbing those bins to force the lids closed. I thought a couple times the wind would take me when I let up my death grip on top ladder rung to close the lid. This is part of the job I dislike the most,....wish my wife wasn't such a wimp....:D

Birds go out this Wed/Thur, so a group ride is looking good.:)

....still need to install my heal/toe shifter and back rest.
Let's keep an eye on Sunday March 11th and see how the temps are. It looks like this Sunday, March 4th, is going to be cold.

There is a RAT ride to Westin on the 18th... Check Engle's RAT site for info... that's just north of KC on 29

All dates are okay for me. Weatherbug says tomorrow will be in the mid 40's. Looks like it might be 50-60 by the 11th and who knows for the RAT ride to Weston on the 18th. If anyone wants to ride tomorrow afternoon for a while, let me know.

Rusty, are you going to be in St. Jo either tomorrow or on the 11th?
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I Headed Out

Okay, I waited until 2:30 pm and didn't hear from anyone so I'm putting on my Captain bars and taking command of the big red ship. It's 52 in O.P. and not much wind. Hope you all get a chance to ride a little.

Maybe next Sunday we can get a bunch together.
Sorry I just missed you Pianoman (2:35 pm). Anyway, the "honey do" list needed attention, kinda cool anyway. I'd love to make plans for next Sunday, maybe, possibly, hopefully.

Let's see how things look when time gets closer. Other than all that, I'm in.

See ya.