Greetings from South Florida


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Nov 14, 2020
2020 Rocket 3 GT
Scotland is a great place to ride , the North west is the most scenic . You need to be able to ride in the rain cos it 's a bit wet at times :whitstling: . But it's beautiful when the sun shines. It's also good to get away from Scotland and ride in other countries ;)View attachment 100010View attachment 100011
I live in South Florida, so I’m used to riding in the rain. Of course, it is a bit warmer. Right now I’m trying to ride as much of the United States as my schedule allows, then I will definitely be looking to take in some other countries.


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Oct 17, 2013
Dumfries, Virginia
2014 R3T, TORs, RAMAIR
I was just up in Virginia about a month ago. I rode my Harley from Florida to Charlottesville. On my way back, I stopped in Jacksonville and traded it in on my new R3!!
The Navy had me stationed in Florida for 12 years, 8 in Jax and 4 in Pensacola. At least in Northern FL, I was closer to mountains than you are. ;)

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