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Jul 8, 2007
Madisonville, TN
I'm not only new to R#owners.net, but new to the Rocket, new to Triumph, and new to bikes.

I took a Ride Course in July 2006 and bought a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800 in September 2006. After riding through the winter I decided I wanted something a bit heavier and more amenable to longer distances. I was looking for a Vulcan 1500 or 1600 and wandered into the local Triumph dealer who had a used 1500 out front.

I saw the Triumphs and said I didn't know there was a local dealer. I wandered through the stock and spied the Rocket. The usual visual impact and curiosity ensued. The guy told me to sit if I liked, then encouraged, then insisted. One sit and I knew there was a Rocket in my future!

I didn't know it was in the near future. That was a Saturday and rode it off on the following Friday (April 13th). I rode off on a brand new bike with almost 3 times the horsepower and way more torque than I had ever had under me on Friday 13th. To add to that it was the first time I had ever riden in the rain.

Haven't lost the grin yet :D

2006 Caeruleus Blue Tribal Rocket III SE

Welcome aboard there Cap'n, why doncha come on down to Chattanooga and ride with me? This is a great ride and has been a lot of fun since day one. I'm looking forward to many more miles on the Good Ship RocketIII. I am also own a Road Star Warrior and the Star Days event this year is going to be in Chattanooga, several of the members of the Warrior's forum are getting together for a ride here on Sat the 28 if you would like to come along. A couple of guys are coming down from Manchester on Warriors. It would be nice to not be the only Rocket on the ride as my Warrior is still broken from my wreck last Sept. We could show them boys what "Sport Cruiser" really means. Again welcome aboard,,I didn't mean to hijack your thread, sorry.
Your story sounds alot like mine. I took 15 years off from riding, took the safety course, got the Triumph America (800cc), traded on the rocket 4 months later and rode my brand new rocket home in the rain. Welcome to Rocket world:bch:
CADfather, Druid, and anyother Deep South Captains: How about a rendezvous in Fort Paine followed by ride around Guntersville Lake then up onto Sand Mountain. CADfather, you're likely most knowledgeable with the sector I'm speaking of. The Trail of Tears Ride will be in just a few months, Sept. 15. I'm planning onit myself.
Welcome Steve,

That is a good looking R/3 you have and the smile, I don't think it ever goes away. Enjoyed our ride in your beautiful State while we were visiting. Join in often and throw some pictures up.
Another good color

Glad you rode with us in Nashville and glad you're having so much fun. No matter what you tell other riders, you just can't explain it until they get on the beast and pull down on the throttle.