Standard Bore
Mar 8, 2006
Well here I'am.
Gabriele, Business aircraft pilot, Manno Switzerland, Red Rocket III, Norton Commando 750 and since yesterday a BSA B50SS.
Salve Gabriele. Che ' azzo di oca sarebbe la BSA ? (domanda solamente per "bore enlargement purpose", visto che la battuta, pur sottile che sia, funziona)
Jamie, ecco la BSA, per il tuo Big bore:D

Hondax, the translation is spot on...;)

Trackerjack, salut, j'ai vu que les chose sur l'autre forum sont encore chaudes, mais peut être que Achille va comprendre.;)

Voi due. Vous deux. Ho proposto. J'ai proposé. To Tomo while he was developing this to try to make it a bit multi-lingual (that's a dream come true , she says... ooops!), at least access-wise. Welcome newbie sticky in French and italian, for instance. German , which is a bit less natural to me, as an option. What do you think?

(Two Germans order Martini's at the Geneva Hilton bar. Martini Dry? asks the waiter. Nein, they reply. Nur Zwei):cool: .
Good Lord Hondax... he sure packed a lot of words into that small sentence. Are you sure you got that right???

I registered so nobody would try and take my beloved handle OGRE. But this site requires more than 4 letters in a user name.

So now here I am Ogremeister. I thought this site was supposed to be LESS restrictive..............can't even register without being restricted!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Now if I try to put 5 images on a post (such as the pissed-face above) I am restricted and it will not let me post.

I am feeling claustrophic here.......................

I'm sorry--I posted this on Flydives intro instead of starting my own by mistake.....please 'scuse

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I'm sorry Ogre... kind of some startup pains. The photo album module is acting a little wiggy with this new software and we put a limit of 4 pics a day per person to try to settle it down so we can look at it... it was sucking some bandwidth with so many new people coming in. Even right now it appears to be a very slick setup, so if we ever get it working correctly it might be the easiest ever to use...

The 4 letters in a name thing is written into the software... yikes, I'm not sure I can change that. Maybe I can over ride that....I'll check..

Welcome BTW :D