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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Think it has turned a bit flaccid with age? No, no, no. I mean the Rocket fork :p . Wilbers have just released "progressive" replacement springs for the Rocket. Part n° 600-259-12. Wilbers seem to recommend a spezzzial oil to go with them, but I have yet to understand what it is. Anyway German users like their new springs. I have ordered a set for my mount as a group purchase (the RCE club which I chair). You may want to check these springs out on the US Wilbers site. Best. Jamie
Front Fork Upgrade.

Correct Wilbers part n° is apparently 600-259-02.
Also note Progressive Suspension offer similar springs, Ref. 11-1529

Best. Jamie

I read the flabby and thought about too much wintertime calories not forks. Interestingly, the forks on my T100 I upgraded with Progressive Suspension progressively wound springs and it mad a big difference. I suspect the PS front springs will help the stock sprung R3 too.