Standard Bore
Apr 2, 2006
SE Minnesota
Just got MY 05 R3 2 weeks ago. 500+ Miles. Q: Does Triumph require dealer service for the warranty? Or can I keep records & recipts of my own services?:confused:
Welcome DSTREB,

Q: Does Triumph require dealer service for the warranty? Or can I keep records & receipts of my own services?

I ask my Dealer if I was to do my own maintenance would he still honor warranty work, and He replied; "Yes, if you bring it to me for the warranty work". I then ask if he needed me to keep records, he replied; "Nah, not necessary as long as I do the warranty work". He's a great guy and obviously wants my business.

So clear it with your Dealer first DSTREB. Remember, good Dealers want you to be happy, give him referrals, trade-ins, and future purchaces......that's how you succeed in this business.;) Tit for Tat:)

Welcome to our new little site :D... There are Federal and probably State laws that cover you question (Is it the Moss Furgeson act? Is that close? I'm not a lawyer), but essentially it states you can do your own service and still be covered under warranty. Save your reciepts, of course, and it wouldn't hurt to use Triumph parts... that way there is no dispute if something goes wrong. You could possibly use an oil with a anti friction agent that could mess with your clutch, as an example, and that may void the warranty on your clutch.

Its always best to have somekind of relationship with your dealer... you may actually need his help someday. There a quite a few people who don't like dealers, but I've always tried to work with mine. Plus, they know things like current TSB's and recalls or just plain fixes for quirks that you wouldn't know about. I like going to my dealer... its always a good time.

Here I am shooting my mouth off on your dime...Please... join in!!