Cruse ControlThank God!!!


Jun 24, 2007
WOW I am so happy and so happy that I read one of the articles here on a $100 cruse control that is so well designed, simple 5 min to put on, and well built!!!! NO MORE NUMB FINGERS<HANDS>>>WOW! this means more focus on whats going on!!!!!! Guess which one I have... in the mean time.....Ride safe, Have fun and ride with respect!:roll::eek:
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Paying $100 for someone to extract bodily fluids to make your hands sticky, doesn't constitute cruise control.

Some would say that taking only 5 minutes to "install" shows no control at all...


Just my two cents...
I probably should delete that before Braswell sees it..... or Jack... or Flip... Never mind
Five minutes to put on.... I'd guess the Throttlemiester. Audiovox costs more but if you can put it on in five minutes I'd like to watch :D
My guess is Throttlemeister, but mine took more than 5 minutes to figure out which washers to use to give me that "ah just right" adjustment. OK, so I "polished the cannon ball" a bit:D
I think he talking about the Kaoko throttle lock from adventure motorsports. It's a hundred bucks and change delivered. Simple to install just remove handlebar end weight and replace with their unit. 5 minutes is a strech unless you count the time to find metric allen and Loctite