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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Does anyone have any recommendations for com equipment? I was thinking about something that has an intercom and capability for mp3 player and bike to bike communication. Thanks.
The two I have heard very good things about are Autocomm
and Starcom

My buddy Denny (his nickname too) on triumphrat has the starcom and has used it when riding with his brother (triplethreat). He has it in his tank bag in a piece of tupperware (he has a TBS). His brother has mounted it under his seat on his S3.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, they seem to be a little more in my price range. I have been looking at Baehr systems but don't know much about them. I liked the features, no push to talk and auto volume control. Some of them even have a "sing along" feature where it knows the difference between singing and talking so you can sing along without transmitting. However they are several times the $$$ as the ones you listed.
The Baehr systems are the top end of motorcycle communications. They are supposed to be the best by a mile. A lot of the "Iron Butt" community use them from what I have read.
New Autocom

I was at Engle Motors this morning and saw the brand new Autocom SuperPro AVi. It looks like it's going to compete with the Baehr top of the line unit but probably priced about half. Just the few minutes looking impressed me with so many new features. Check it out at:
Well I broke down a while back and bought the Autocom SuperPro AVI. The dealer got a discount on them with their initial order of the new models so it became a little easiler to justify.;) I installed it a few days ago and tested it out yesterday. The intercom works good at any speed. The VOX function is adjustable and even at the most sensitive setting it never turned on without speaking first. The speakers are good however not the best for music sound quality but not too terribly bad. The auto volume control feature works nice.

I velcroed (sp?) the unit to the inside of my empty/modified air box. I put a connector in the power supply line so the unit can be removed. I used the heated grip plug under the gas tank for power by putting a couple of pins on the end of the power supply wires and plugging them into the heated grip plug. I then used heat shrink tubing to secure and protect the connection. It switches on and off with the ignition. Any components that I am going to plug in such as an MP3 player I can just plug it in and put it in the former air box.