Avon's back in stock

who needs it now, since we have Metzeler Cruisetec for Rocket 3 2025 Storm with better price.

let me guess, you paid 500usd for that tire?
Pail $372. I did not like Metzeler's on my Valkyrie. Hopefully these are better, let me know.


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I'm the guy that keeps telling everyone to mount an Exedra Max and some other tire on the front, BUT I did just install matching Crusietecs and love them. Better than the Cobras, less expensive at roughly $300/tire and perform better than the Cobras or Exedras. Haven't tried them in the rain yet, but I tore up The Snake (TN) and Back of the Dragon (VA) today- two very twisty tire-testing routes and they performed magically. Yes, these are what are going on the new Rockets- get 'em.
Feels like they were made specifically for this bike.