Alabama Rocket Riders

**** it Viking, haven't heard from or about you in a coon's age and the first thing is you wanna git nekid.:D whar ya ben?

I don't know, them TennyC boys scare me. You know how they are:eek:

When it get cool is the best option. We here in the heart of dixie have been setting new records for days, with some sites have the longest string of 100+ temps in history.

29Dreams will be back in full ops. in a few weeks. They've been on a reduced schudule and operations for construction and expansion issues. Couldn't cook a steak for the wife and I this past weekend cause their lodge was built to close to the property line. The neighbors had a issue with charred meat:mad: I take it.

You know, the late summer Thunder Beach is the end of September. You went to the Spring fling didn't you?
LOL! Hey HeR3tic! My work has had be tied down here lately.

I'll be glad when 29Dreams opens full force. I hate Tim is getting flac from the neighbors.

I have one other R3 rider in Dothan up for the trip to the gap and another that rides a Duc in in Bham. My bike is at Bogart's (going on 3 weeks now) getting a new tank put on because the handlebars folded down on me going down the road! the dealership is covering the cost but I need my bike back!

Yes, the girlfriend and I rode down to Thunder Beach back in May. We had a really good time. I'll have to talk her into going down again in September. Are you going for sure?

Are we the only R3 riders around Bham on here??
We're the only verbal Captains in the BHM area. There's one that works at the other end of the airfield, a bonified jet captain as well. Laid eyes on his once just before I bought my, seeing the Rocket go by spurred me on even more, and he's stopped into the office once to say howdy; but I was deep into fixing a major issue. I didn't have time to even say hi.

Bogart's took three weeks to a get few button head screws. I'll bet, a gas tank will take no less time.

29Dreams did my rear skin swap. A $35 savings over Bogarts' tag, and it only took Tim's mechs. 2 beers to get it done. Speaking of tyres, Avon says they'll have a 240 skin available early next year. Bridgestone hasn't replied back.
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Yea, the motoshop at 29 is pretty good. I had them set the sag on my sportbike. They really seem to know what they're doing. good prices also.

Avon has some cool treads out there. I wonder what the new one will look like. my R3 is newer so I haven't had to get new tires yet. what did it set you back at 29?
$295 including two import beers. They're funny:D If it's not brewed in Alabama it's an import. Yuengling, oldest American brewery is an import :) Black and Tans are my favs.
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