For Sale 2013 Rocket Roadster


.040 Over
Jun 4, 2007
Up for sale is a 2013 rocket roadster with 9500 miles. I purchased it early this year in hopes for it being a commuter vehicle on my toll lanes (motorcycles free). However, The motivation to get on the highway at 4:30 in the morning every day it’s just not there. I used to ride all the time years ago but getting back on one now with all the distracted drivers cell phones etc. I find it to be exhausting and no longer fun. So I have decided to part ways with the bike. As shown in the pictures there is a windscreen hard bags and the ram air kit installed. The ram air kit was professionally installed and all paperwork is included with the sale. The only issue is a small ding on the back fender where my daughter tapped it with a four wheeler while driving into the garage. Asking 7500. If interested please message or email me. 5408425298



E pluribus unum
Jan 3, 2019
Virginia, USA
2013 Rocket 3 Touring
Good looking bike excellent price. Good luck with the sale.
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