1. finTR3

    Motoplan rear set

    some photos. i like it. easy instal ,it takes 10 minutes
  2. finTR3


    Hello , im just wondering how many of you have motoplan parts in the bike, and if you have can I have some photos.. my parts are in the painter and i should have those in next two weeks. And same thing about BST wheels how many of you have those
  3. motoplan before paint

    motoplan before paint

  4. motoplan test fitting

    motoplan test fitting

  5. finTR3

    motoplan parts Some photos, I only put parts in to the bike . not any bolts every parts is fitting their plases wery well. so now all parst is going to painter. And handelbars, foot pegs and front turn signals i will change . and off cource seat expirience meny modification
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