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    I want to thank all the guys here, for being an asset throughout the four years of owning my...

    I want to thank all the guys here, for being an asset throughout the four years of owning my 2005 rocket 3, helping me with many things along with tuneecu which was priceless! But now she was sold and i own once again a Harley which has been in my blood since 1974; I will stay with the forums...
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    Powder Coating

    Very nice, I'm proud of how nice they came out, and their not even mine "Enjoy" and be Safe!
  3. geno

    Happy Anniversary

    "Congratulations Big guy; This is the future when two people truly love one another!
  4. geno

    Ramair question

    I'm not the one that could help with that information; i am simply looking at performance and don't even give that a thought; "Be Safe!
  5. geno

    Ramair question

    I like that 20228 map, i've have ran with that map and getting ready to load it back into my bike, i have the 20226 in now, i kinda use these two maps. "Be Safe"
  6. geno

    "O2" To check or not?

    when i down load a map from tuneecu do i need to leave the O2 checked or unchecked; I have my oxygen sensor down by my exhaust plugged off. "please help because my idle has a slight up and down rhythm!
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    Easy Start headlight control module

    I had the easy start kit on my rocket, but removed it and installed the EB kit and now i have very bright lights and a safe ignition relay! "Be Safe!
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    New R3

    I love the new rocket with the exception of the handle bars; i would like a more beach cruiser style bars these are too straight across tee style.
  9. geno

    Ramair question

    That 20228 map is another one that i liked and decided on the 20226 which worked best with my configuration; but i could run the 20228 also and my bike runs fine! "Be Safe"
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    Ramair question

    I have a 2005 r3 with three K&Ns but mine is still restricted which i like because i did remove my secondaries once but the throttle is too jerky at low speed and much to sensitive and uncomfortable for my style, so i put the butterflies back in; i have a tune from tune ecu that works well...
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    It’s growing on me!

    Nothing wrong with those feelings bro" this rocket is sweet, if I could afford it I would buy one tomorrow! "Good luck and be safe!
  12. geno

    Hard Core Darkside !

    You are very talented big guy" and it sounds good; "Be Safe!
  13. geno

    British/Norwegian/American bike

    Yea I agree about crumbling infrastructure, a point that the last president made while standing under crumbling bridges, but couldn't get funding for because it would create millions of living wage jobs and would guarantee a second term; I use the word sacred because you assumed that I started...
  14. geno

    British/Norwegian/American bike

    WELCOME to ya, Jan, From WA State. Your bike looks to be about a 2006 to me. earlier years had a silver engine. Best check your VIN. Where at in California? California is a beautiful state to ride motor in, but very screwed up politically. West coast, WA & OR are also libtard states but CA is...
  15. geno

    British/Norwegian/American bike

    You can keep looking the other way if you like; But I'm not the one not to respond to dog whistles, one should also ask what part one played in my response, for sure it didn't arise from a vacuum.
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