Security Policy

The R3Owners.Net Security Policy outlines what is implemented and purpose in regards to website security.
  • R3Owners.Net is secured via a 2048 bit key and utilizes TLS encryption. Most browsers capable of displaying the security icon have features designed to display the full details of the certificate utilized.
  • The primary infrastructure is protected by advanced firewall technology that proactively responds to basic threats and continously updates network security policy as necessary.
  • The R3Owners.Net Domain is DNSSEC supported.
  • While R3Owners.Net doesn't typically engage large-scale outgoing email applications, email services are operated from a separate infrastructure that sends and receives utilizing encryption via SSL/IMAP, we also maintain an SPF record to ensure that emails do actually come from this site.
  • This site is monitored by external third parties and has mitigation processes in place for most malicious events, such as DDOS attacks.
  • Disaster-Recovery efforts include restoration from one of three backups, each backup representing a unique technology, which are completed via automated process every 24 Hours. Backups are stored in diverse data center locations for enhanced protection.

While these processes are put into place to ensure the continued availability of R3Owners.Net, no warranties are implied or provided.

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