Standard Bore
Mar 30, 2006
Yo Gang,

Been riding my Black Rocket3 around since July 2004. Great bike that eats up the miles out on the open road. Herself and I have had fun the last two year running around western North Carolina and other places on her. Got a couple other Triumphs I ride and the latest addation to the sable is a 2004 Red Thruxton. Hope to learn a lot on this forum and hopefully I can give a little back.

Welcome Freddie!!! Jump right in... in a way we are all new here, we just started up a bit ago. Look around.. we have a lot of "departments" so hopefully you should find something fun...
Hey Freddie... I just saw some of your picks... how is the tool bag working out under the headlamps? Does the front fender hit it?
You got keep the tool bag sinched up tight against the yoke/Rocket symbol or the fender natural travel will bounce the tool bag around. The leather strap that holds the tool bag streches over time and needs periodic tighening.