.020 Over
Mar 7, 2006
I'm jp99tbirdnm. I ride a 99 T-Bird and 05 XL1200C Sportster, the Rocket III is next. Having ridden them quite a bit in Steamboat Springs, I know that they are one fantastic motorcycle.
What the hell???? How did we all miss this??? I feel awful... my apologies fer sure..... I will send a PM... :eek:
You Got By Me As Well

Sounds like a lot of snoring going on in the welcome room. I'll take my part of the blame for not saying welcome a little sooner. You mentioned Steamboat Springs. I used to play at the main lodge by the chair lifts back in '73. One other member of our group was there a few weeks ago and said I wouldn't recognize it.

I remember going up to the hot springs during the winter and great fun snowmobiling. I remember the "Champagne Powder" .....especially on the bunny slope with me and all the little kids. Finally I learned how to come down the mountain. Go to one side and fall down, get up, go toward the other side, fall down, get up.......etc. :eek:

It was great fun and what beautiful country. Are you going to try and ride during the snow months?

Ride safe