Hello from Houston, tx

I am happy that you have your new to you new bike.
Now the brake fluid can be filled up and keep an eye open for leaks.
The cam cover gasket can be replaced to fix the leak.
Now on that transmission (problem?)
They had a problem of jamming the gears together in 4 forth breaking gears and even worse locking the gears so locking rear tire.
I would be afraid of that bike but maybe you will get more opinions.
Do you have an idea of what I should feel for or look for to determine if it's faulty?
It goes in gear just fine but I feel like the peg hits my foot after it goes in. No other gear does this.
Not real sure how to answer that i have never read any posts that said about the peg hitting your toes.
Might search Facebook or you tube for more information
I would work through some gears to see if sticking of coarse with out running with clutch lever and moving it will be but maybe you will be able to fell the release in the gears so as to feel fifth.