Happy Halloween !!!


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
I came across two guys today (they weren't riding Harleys BTW) who were all dressed up and just looked a little silly if you ask me. One had a half helmet with stickers all over it, the other had a Red Baron style helmet that had a spike sticking out of the top, and it had stickers all over it. One was wearing a blue jean jacket that had patches sewn into it and the other had a leather jacket that had about 50 pins stuck into it. Scarves... gloves with half fingers... sunglasses... you name it.

I guess in a twisted way that kind of dress is functional, I suppose they feel it gives them some sort of "Road Cred"... its just something I wouldn't feel comfortable with, but they were serious about it so who am I to nitpick....

I like all kinds of biker gear but I lean twords the functional stuff, they probably think that a jacket with armour in it is for morons, along with full face helmets and real boots. No stickers or pins...

Maybe I'm missing the point??? Is that stuff supposed to attract a mate? Bride of Frankenstein kinda deal? Well, they are colorful :D
Sounds a bit like you're describing me... Do you suppose those two guys are off on some other forum somewhere talking about the nerdy geek rub the ran into yesterday? LOL!

To each his own, I guess. I fall somewhere in the middle. I wear a full face helmet when it's cold, a half helmet when it's hot, [No Stickers!] I have a mesh jacket with armour, a leather jacket with reinforced elbows etc. and a demin vest with Triumph patches and assorted pins in it that I sometimes wear over the leather jacket. [ I ain't sticking no pins in that thing.]
ej... you ain't even close, you look like your running for mayor compared to those two.... the one guy clanked. And you are probably right, they probably thought I was a freak... I was wearing my uniform blues from work... probably something they couldn't comprehend...