Captain Rich

May 9, 2006
Cape Coral, FL
Yesterday, after a nice afternoon of riding (adjusting the grab point of my clutch - which started to change recently) I made a couple stops and headed home. I opened the garage door, pulled into the spot where I always park the bike and WHAM! The engine locks up and stalls. Seems the clutch cable was fraying apart (hence the change in the grab point) and had the decency to wait until we were home and parked in our customary spot before it snapped completely! (Yes, I said little Thank You prayer for that one!). Off to Bike Bandit (no dealers near me any more) for a new clutch cable (T2043583).

I noticed about a 45 degree bend in my cable as it routes down and I'm wondering if my Rivco Risers (which I've had since I bought the bike new) created the bend when they set the handlebars back and caused this problem?? My throttle and brake cables don't seem to be affected but I'm wondering if I should be looking at an aftermarket cable with an extra inch or so of length? 56,000 miles on this cable with the Risers, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it but...

Any thoughts? :confused:


Dec 28, 2009
Perth Western Australia
2008 Trimuph Rocket
Maybe the longer cables off the Touring model or an aftermarket cable would do it. I haven't lubed mine either and they have 85000klms

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