Classifieds Information and Rules

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Feb 24, 2006
Fayetteville, AR
What is Prohibited:
  • No Dealers without prior approval
  • No Commercial Items without prior approval
  • No Group buys without prior approval
  • No Ads or Content not related to motorcycles
What is Allowed:
  • Motorcycle-related items/inquiries owned by members registered on R3Owners.Net
  • Guest-Users are allowed to view classified ads but must register to respond or inquire
  • Pictures are encouraged
  • As much information as you are willing to enter
  • The enforcement and application of the R3Owners.Net Terms of Service
Information and Instructions:
  • A post in the Classifieds Forum will not increase your post count, so that cleaning old ads won't impact your points
  • A Classified post/reply will show in the New Post listing
  • Use practical judgement when dealing with others in the Classifieds Forum, be mindful of the agreements you make
  • Intense negotiations may be best done within a Private Conversation
  • The Administrative / Moderator Team will not engage in disputes
  • A prefix is required on all new Classifieds Threads
Not open for further replies.
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