California Emission Standards/Testing

Silver Bullet

Sep 11, 2007

Does anyone know what the current emission standard/testing process is for motorcycles in California. I have been made aware that the state of Washington has an emissions law laying on the governors desk for signature that mirrors the state of California. Since the CAT box has been removed from my bike, I am wondering what effect the new standards will have on motorcycles in general and mine specifically.

I am also interested to know if other states are actually pulling cars off the roadway and doing spot testing as has been reported in California. Thnx SB.
I have not heard of any emission checks or testing here in CA. There is a federal law that went into effect at the beginning of 2007 not allowing exhaust system or emission system mods on bikes 2005 and up. That law is being challenged due to the fact that nobody has any emission level standards, procedures, or equipment for motorcycles yet. You can bet that CA will be first in line when that stuff becomes available.
Arizona does check on a yearly or every other year basis of motorcycle emission systems. No mods of factory systems allowed.

Thanks Preacher for the "Good News". I was hoping that would be the case but you know how the stories run through the grapevine. Washington seems to mirror most things California does regarding automobiles. I had been told that spot checks were the norm in CA and I know how the Washington State Patrol likes to enforce everything they can for funding. The story with emissions testing story had actually developed so far in WA as having the troopers doing the testing at the state scale houses. This is being discussed among professional fleet managers no less. The one saving grace I have is living on the eastern side of the state away from Seattle/Tacoma where all new laws are initially put to the test. Time will tell, I hope I don't have to acquire a cat box and put it back on. :mad: SB.