Been there, done it, got T-shirt


.020 Over
Mar 13, 2006
Being an old hand at this R3 lark I'd like to say welcome you all, some of you may know who I am, but please, please refrain from any knocks however small..thanks...

Have done too many miles on the R3 since day 1, the first set of tyres lasted nearly 12,000 miles (upset a few people), have had a new set of wheels (knackered finish), but apart from that I've had no complaints.

Riding at present with cat-by-pass, but hoping soon to fit some louder pipes, have got sissy bar/rack, chrome side panels, and summer screen (removed, did not like), apart from that she's standard.

Paintwork is a bit scruffy, due to throw over saddlebags and tank bag, but hey I bought the bike to ride not to show.

Chrome still good, well except for the footpegs, but then they take a battering from road dirt anyhow.

Would be nice to meet up with a few other R3 riders, but due to my european runs with other Triumph Owners Club (TOMCC England, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Beguim and Club Triton France) lads and lassies I find my spare time is limited.

I'm 50 this year so going to party this summer like hell, bring on the dancing girls I'm coming...
Welcome!! Thanks for stopping in June04R3OwnerUK... you don't happen to have a knickname like "Joe" or "Fred", do ya??:D:D