1. GreasyGeorge

    6,600 miles Boston to sturgis trip

    Hi everyone just wanted to write a quick post about my cross country tour on my 2011 R3R. My friend and I spent 16 days under the sun. 300-500 miles daily. Hit Sturgis, the black hills, Mount Rushmore. We got as far west as western Wyoming down through Yellowstone, the grand Teton’s, then...
  2. Wannbe

    Rocket sightings!!! They're everywhere!!!

    A few months ago couple buddies and I decided we would go to Sturgis this year. So we left 10 days ago planning to go the week before the rally started. We have had a blast and ended up as far as Idaho and Montana. We still have to go about 1600 miles to get home. I've owned my 14 roadster...