1. Indian


    they did show up
  2. Victory


    The test-rides were busy
  3. Victory Black

    Victory Black

    Nice to look at
  4. V8 Cruiser

    V8 Cruiser

    The guy standing next to it started it up and was letting it run while I took the pic. The bike would jerk something crazy when they goosed the throttle.
  5. V8 Black

    V8 Black

    A very intense looking bike
  6. Allstate Motorcycle

    Allstate Motorcycle

    Where are our insurance premiums going to?
  7. Allstate Motorcycle

    Allstate Motorcycle

    Equally weird, but actually rideable
  8. Rick's Bike

    Rick's Bike

    I'd beat up those saddlebags in one season
  9. Rick's Tank

    Rick's Tank

    Is that fangs on that gal?
  10. Rick's Bike

    Rick's Bike

    Very Cool
  11. Rick's Bike

    Rick's Bike

    I think this was cool
  12. Arlen Ness

    Arlen Ness

    Ok, did anyone actually win this?
  13. Geico Patriotic Closeup

    Geico Patriotic Closeup

    It wasn't realistic for riding, but was impressive
  14. Geico Patriotic

    Geico Patriotic

    This one would make it a while on our roads
  15. Geico Custom in green

    Geico Custom in green

    It wouldn't survive on our roads ...
  16. Harley Truck

    Harley Truck

    No, I didn't go in ...
  17. bland Harley

    bland Harley

    I didn't see the point, but it was interesting to look over.
  18. Sparkly and Vanilla

    Sparkly and Vanilla

    It did look a bit retro ...
  19. Sparkly Harley

    Sparkly Harley

    I'll admit that I like these sparkle-intense paintjobs on Harley's newer models. Wasn't crazy about the brown color, but it did stand out.
  20. Kinda Interesting

    Kinda Interesting

    There wasn't that many bikes with a lot of chrome