For Touring with extra air and exhaust 2018-05-28

Leaned out below 3,000 RPM to improve fuel mileage for cruising - more fuel above for performance

  1. Joesmoe
    This map is one of two provided in the fall of 2016 by Hans, after my request for a leaner map below 3,000 RPM (I'm running right around 75 mph at that RPM). On long stretches of slab, I wanted to not have to stop so often and certainly didn't need the performance while cruising.

    Extra fuel was retained at the upper RPM range for available performance.

    The two versions were "regular" (this one) and one slightly tweaked at low throttle settings to reduce decel pop.

    This is the map in my bike now, and dyno'd at 132 hp and 141 ft-lb torque, with Viking 3-into-1 and RamAIR.
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