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    What's the best oil/ weight to use

    Castrol Power 1 20w-50.
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    Tires: Metzler vs. Avon vs. Bridgestone

    I reported the troll.
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    Peak Horsepower

    Torque pulls trailers, horsepower wins drag races. Torque gets you going, horsepower keeps you going.
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    Widowmaker Journey to 200hp, no thats been done. 250hp !

    Looking forward to seeing the dyno sheet!!
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    Goodies from Mittzy

    Getting back to your post, what am I looking at?
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    Hello from Phoenix!

    Welcome from Payson AZ.
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    Stainless micromesh reusable oil Filter

    Mobil M1-110 on mine right now.
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    Stainless micromesh reusable oil Filter

    They're expensive, they MUST be good.
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    New Skins

    Tires are at 8,595 miles, front is maybe 1/2 gone the rear is 1/2 to 3/4 gone. If they continue to wear at this rate I should get 16,000 miles front and 12,000 miles rear. 40/40 psi near 100% highway miles, very little stop light to stop light.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong

    Sure is, Dad is the cook and daughter is the waitress.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong

    @TURBO200R4 You ever eat at Ma's Kitchen in Roosevelt Estates?
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    Absolutely nothing wrong

    Riding it from North to South is way more scenic than the other way, we came in from the South side.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong

    Went for a day ride yesterday and rode the Salt River Canyon on Thursday. Bike performed flawlessly.
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    Dinos went darkside not oil!! :roll: