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    New member

    hi and welcome :thumbsup:
  2. stavros

    Pin stripes

    nice job :thumbsup:
  3. stavros

    Wheel coating - opinions please...

    go for a nice deep ruby blue :thumbsup:
  4. stavros

    Unusual presents

    i once bought my 5 year old daughter one of those 2 million candle power torches,,, you should have seen her little face light up on christmas morning
  5. stavros


    im in sunny south yorkshire :thumbsup:
  6. stavros

    Looking for Battery Experts

    the higher the amperage the better :thumbsup:
  7. stavros

    Motorcycle Songs

  8. stavros

    Turbo Diesel

    214nm torque @2600 rpm 112 hp @4200 rpm 1340 cc speed 220 km/hr 4.5l diesel per 100 kms
  9. stavros

    Rules of the Road???

    do unto others, before they do unto you :thumbsup:
  10. stavros

    When they send "experts" to tow your bike....!

    they do it like that so it doesnt fall over
  11. stavros

    Hello to all

    welcome geoff from south yorkshire :thumbsup:
  12. stavros

    Age for some folks is just a number...

    live every day as if its your last. one day you will be right
  13. stavros

    Age for some folks is just a number...

    old age is a privilege. not everybody gets it:thumbsdown:
  14. stavros

    Off-road bike squad recover 204 stolen machines

    i live in south yorkshire:(
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