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    Initial Ride Feedback

    I'm kind of wishing I hadn't watched that. I want one too!
  2. 3Katz

    Winter modifications

    Thanks, yeah he sure is, he had me to paint his trike the same colors as the rocket and then he promptly rolled it flying round the corner of the patio... Ok good to know thanks :thumbsup:
  3. 3Katz

    Winter modifications

    Sorry to hijack your thread Carl :ninja:
  4. 3Katz

    Winter modifications

    That's one of the first things I did on mine, I hated the heel shifter. Warp a while ago you were looking into finding replacement footboards, did you happen to find anything that would suit?
  5. 3Katz

    Done with the search.

  6. 3Katz

    If You Missed This - Prepare to be Dazzled!

    I remember watching that finish years ago, not that I can remember which year it was.. It must have been a long time ago though if Stoner was still riding.
  7. 3Katz

    Soaking wet air filter

    From what I understand developed by the Germans to bring the octane rating of their poor quality fuel up so their aircraft could compete with the allies. I found it really interesting reading when I was looking into using it to cool the intake charge in my ute.
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    Well the hot shots might be right.

    A troll! Ah well that explains everything! I think we may have had some kind of misunderstanding. I thought some of your stories were dubious! Lol, this whole time you were just trolling. I knew a tough guy could not go from riding a Rocket to a Yamaha Transgender. Internet trolls... I heard...
  9. 3Katz

    Well the hot shots might be right.

    Lol! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I mostly come here for the lols and you never fail to disappoint. I think you need to change your avatar back - the rear end of a donkey was far more relevant. You're not only just getting that feeling now? It takes you a while to catch on doesn't it.
  10. 3Katz

    Well the hot shots might be right.

    I think that's what's 'good' about that thread. You can't accidentally see girls, totally agree with keeping that kind of image in the FD section and titled accordingly to keep the forum on the whole work and family friendly.
  11. 3Katz

    Well the hot shots might be right.

    I don't read this site for girl pics either, but the thread title is not misleading. If you're not interested in guns or girls in swimwear then don't click on it. It's your choice, it's really not that difficult.
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    Looks wrong

  13. 3Katz

    Forked Tongue?

    I don't run anymore, my Rocket is no where near fast enough to outrun our highway patrol, and it doesn't squeeze between rows of sugarcane like a sportsbike... But I have in the past and fuel was always the biggest concern, the TLR drinks massive amounts of fuel at WOT. I would hate to think how...
  14. 3Katz

    Looks wrong

    Lol I'd like to put myself down for $100 on the Triumph please. Let me know if it's going to happen I'd like to get in early....
  15. 3Katz

    Looks wrong

    I know it's not by much. I was trying to find your point in highlighting power to weight when the Thruxton by your figures has the advantage over the Scout, and by the correct figures has even more advantage. It makes it hard to follow the conversation when posts are edited. I think once we get...
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