Some R&D photos 21 Oct 2017

barbagris, Oct 21, 2017
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    • 1olbull
      JWS AD really BLOWS the Truck Lite AWAY! Not even close. :eek: :thumbsup:
      Me thinks your "control" should be at dead dark to eliminate the camera aperture and shutter speed?
      The JWS AD DIP plus FOGS pix is really no help at such a close range, in fact it is so much light it washes everything out.
      The other lights you have shown are basically redundant, IMHO. :oops: :p :D
      You NEED to do this in a dark field at distances with a good incident meter. :rolleyes: :roll: :inlove
      Come visit me - bring your junk - I have a spare room and bed - we'll do it together! :D
    • barbagris
      Fixed 2S and F5.6 manual for all shots. Fixed focus. It was darker than the photos belie. I could barely see the lid (used to focus on and give scale) - The FOV was about what my eyes could properly "see" rather than just be "aware of".

      The Fogs extend lateral spread - useful on twisty lanes where Wild Boar cavort. And maybe deer!. But yes it's generally overkill. Wish there was some way to show the adaptive extra beams. I need this as 100% traffic free is a real luxury so can seldom use main.

      Bear in bind it's only 1 Truck-Lite and 2 JWS. I may have some early JWS Photos somewhere - the TruckLite is better. My TL is also adjusted up further than it should be - it was fitted to my Guzzi to reduce load and is a daylight running light really.

      I am going to chat with a mate who builds lenses for Panavision - hi lives in the wilds (when not at the beach) and I'll guess has access to very good photometers. Whilst I'd love to come over with my junk - realistically this wont happen whilst my mum needs my support.

      The other shots were just to point out how relatively weak most other cheap lights are. The 25° and 45° are quite old but very visible - they make excellent "Oi - I'm here" Day riding lights. All scatter and little focus. The slot will be OK as a "boar cavorting lanes scaring light" for the 1984 Land Rover. But pointless with JWS.

      There is no way to express HOW GOOD the adaptive are compared to any other light - and that's without being able to show how stunning they are when the additional adaptive beams kick in. Unless a bike comes with adaptive technology - there are one or two - there is nothing out there that comes close in bends.
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