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  1. Claymore
    Waiting for my R3 to arrive..... :-)
  2. Bob Long
    Bob Long
    Another wet weekend. Could ride almost every day back home in Cape Town. Although, would probably get shot at the robots these days!
  3. Mhboldt
    Mhboldt DEcosse
    Ken, Need some help on my rocket, having an issue with the keyless, which I'm sure was my fault... not sure how to DM on the site. mhboldt@gmail
  4. HIM57
    Fat people are harder to kidnap
  5. Old N' Grumpy
    Old N' Grumpy
    "One thing you never want to be described innocent bystander" ~ Norm MacDonald
    I have lost my bike in an accident. The front end was destroyed, I am looking into a new 2018, phantom black, red pin stripe R3.
  7. Tbc
    We're watching you...
  8. Skunk
    Hello. I have a 2016 Rocket roaster which I have had for almost two months and loving it. I have to say it's Awesome. Brisbane Australia
  9. 2018RocketBlackBird
    2018RocketBlackBird forklift
    forklift , the combo you have on your bike , did you ever have it dynoed .? are you happy with the total power rpm range ? any input wil be greatly appreciated .. thanks
  10. 2018RocketBlackBird
    2018RocketBlackBird warp9.9
    warp . what is the baffle you are running in the carpenter pipe you have ? looks nice on there. thanks.
    1. warp9.9
      Its from freedom performance. It fits their outlaw megaphone. Carpenter did not make one when I got all three of my pipes
      Nov 26, 2018
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