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Needed new tires after the S Dakota/Yellowstone 2,500 mile trip, wanted something taller/less side wall, put 22's on. Now looking for custom front rim, any idea's ?


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Hi Kevin, I see that you live in Nashville TN. We used to live in Columbia TN. I worked at a bike shop in Nashville called Chrome and Stuff. Mainly catering for Honda Goldwings. I was a mechanic there for over a year. Regards Eric.
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Just bought bog standard 2010 Rocket. Can you debaffle standard pipes without too much hassle.? Its a 3 into 3
2013 rocket roadster , ramair with unknown mods to exhast pipes tried couple maps but still backfires intake and exhast any help with finding a good map or ideas what's the problem might be it was doing it when I got it before the ram air
HI Ken, my 2008 RIII Touring ignition seems to have gone toes up. It tried to strand me 100 miles from home a week ago, but with some parking lot surgery and minor miracle I got it home. Right now I'm fact finding and doing my homework. I've seen your postings in the past and wondering as to the specifics about your keyless systems and if you're still assembling them.
I tried contacting you on another site as I was having trouble with messages here. Kind of surprised it worked this time.
Hoping to get some direction on Tuneecu. I purchased the app and a lonelec cable. Found out my chromebook (lenovo) does not have the usb drivers needed, so it appears to be a bust. Downloaded Tuneecu to my samsung Note. and it freezes midway thru installation right after asking permissions. Anyone out there work thru these issues. I hate computers!!! Bike definately needs a tune.