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    Smashville and home again

    Thanks for the update Great read Molinoman. It was hard to read the progress of "the gathering" knowing I wouldn't be there. I'm so glad you had a great time.:bch:
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    Gotta Love Those Rocket III Reviews

    Rocket Rider Reviews for 2004,2005, and 2006 from PSN
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    Rockets Across America II - 2007

    Excited Looking forward to hearing all about the Nashville Trip. Should be some great stories and pics. It sure has been quite here......(insert cricket sounds)......but that will all change soon. Too bad about Baggage1. Hope Molinoman can visit him and give an update. Hurry back...
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    First Ride: Ram Air with Ram Cams

    good stuff Good Stuff Hombre. Thanks for including your post over here. I'm sure we will have more "buzz" on this thread after everyone gets back from the Tennessee Rocket III gathering.
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    Heeeeeeeees Baaaaaack

    Hello PF. Long time no hear. Don't be a stranger.:)
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    I've got some bad news for the board

    So Sorry Get well quick Baggage1. We have had a rash of motorcycle accidents in our local paper but lately things have quieted down. My wife always points them out to me. Thanks for the heads up Molinoman. I will add you to my prayer list Baggage1.
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    Cruse ControlThank God!!!

    guessing game Throttlemeister is my guess. Gee this is fun.......:rolleyes:......oh boy!!!:D
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    Rick from Indiana

    halo Welcome rickb from Greenwood. Sounds like you got the exhaust and catback issue figured out. Better breathing will help with the K & N.. Tuneboy allows you to get 100% out of the power curve and you can eliminate decel pop. I'm no expert, just parroting what I've heard. Don't...
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Kewl wings Hi HO Silver.......Welcome Sky King. Waiting is the worst but I'm not surprised about the paperwork lagging the Rocket III. These things happen sometimes.:) All the Sky King questions were covered. :mad::D Good show but after a morning of cartoons on Saturday, by the time SK...
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    Ordered my Rocket today!

    Hi Mitch! Some decisions we make in life are challenging and difficult. Isn't it nice to have a "no brainer" once in a while? Like Pig9r said, "Prepare for a looong three weeks". Don't be a stranger!:)
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    Recall ???

    ? When I load info in the NHTSA data base the drive train issue pops up for 2005 Rockets and the handlebar issue for 2006 Rockets pops up but that's it.
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    Dropping out of 1st into neutral.

    My Rocket was purchased used with around 5000 miles and don't recall it ever popping out of gear. The trick is in making sure you fully engage first gear(insert practice makes perfect here). If after sufficient "break in" miles and before warranty expires problem still exists it's time for Mr...
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    Female NYC R3 owner! Hi guys

    Geo and Paul, Well small world. I was born in Rochester NY and spent the next 25 years around Fairport NY. Arguably the best scenery surrounds the Finger Lake Region,.....Twisties-O-Plenty and decent wine. Love those "white hots":cool:
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    Female NYC R3 owner! Hi guys

    Welcome Welcome Georgia! Thank you for visiting. We have lots of Rocket related threads that concentrate on mods, add-ons, and bling. Enjoy!:)
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    Honda Davidson????

    Good news for Triumph This could be good news, in that Triumph may come out as a respectable alternative to Honda Davidson or what ever it will be called. Polaris-Victory could benefit greatly as well. It does seem illogical for HD to be owned by a foreigner but shall we go thru the list of...
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    First Triumph

    Welcome Ric. I hope you find all the information you need in our Forums,.....and if not ask. We have a knowledgeable support staff manning the phones 24/7, and for an additional $9.99 per month + $111.99 one time California Luxury Fee, we will add you to our News Letter and free Rocket Links...
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    Mark from Ohio

    Toasty Welcome Mark. I love the blue as well. Triumph really did it right with that particular shade. Yes the Rocket gets toasty in the heat of the day. You should try riding one with a wind shield and lower deflectors.......:eek:. Still though, it's not unbearable enough for me to be...
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    UK R3 Newbie here !

    Great update Pstar. My first change was progressive shocks and boy did they make a world of difference. I think the seat needs help too but that maybe do to my skinny ass. I put on some sheep skin and doubled my riding comfort. Great pic as well. Love the blk on blk. Sunny day in the UK on your...
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    New to R3owners

    Welcome Paul. Thanks for the bio. Sure gets Hot in Arizona quickly. I bet the Rockets header gets mighty red in 115 degree temps.:bch:
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    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome RCV5 and thanks for the bio. You sound like an interesting guy. Hope to here from you soon.:bch:
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