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  1. JKrull66

    Want to Buy Russell day long seat

    Figured I would post again to see if one out there. In Texas would need the Heavy Spring one. Thanks, John
  2. JKrull66

    Want to Buy Russell seat & Classic Floor Boards

    I have a 2006 Standard R3, I have a corbin Seat and Standard floorboards, but looking for a Russell seat for a big guy... and the lower classic floor boards. On the floor boards really just need the rails as the boards are the same part number. The Classic Kit numbers were A9758081 & 8083. Rails...
  3. JKrull66

    Looking for a good place to Mod tranny

    I have a 2006 standard black engine turbo bike and have found second to be a weak spot for me. I grenaded one tranny including oil pumps. I had it fixed at a dealer in PA. When I was working out there. They had it forever and it never has stayed in second even w moderate power since I got it...
  4. JKrull66

    R 3 Rider in Midland Tx.

    Hello all, Got a couple R3s here in Midland. Thought I would join in on your forum. I have been a R3 owner since 06 when I got my first Bike a used 05 Cardinal Red. I have had it a several rallies all over the US. In 11 I ran across a Black Turboed 06 in Baltimore while out that way working...
  5. JKrull66

    Gear Position sensor 06 R3

    Well when I got my bike back the neutral light didn't work. Figured it was no biggie.They said the plunger was stuck in the shaft. Was leaving town and was just happy to have it back. The plunger moves some but maybe not enough, but I went to test if the light comes on useing a screwdriver to...
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