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    Gotta Love Those Rocket III Reviews

    Rocket Rider Reviews for 2004,2005, and 2006 from PSN
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    Funny video, How a Rocket is made

    Hilarious Rocket III Video Note: you may need to scroll down a smidge to view it.
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    Female Impression

    Rocket III Has Opposite Sex all Sweaty May 7, 2007 Triumph's beast with three cylinders By Susan Carpenter The Los Angeles Times The Rocket III Classic Tourer is Triumph's latest entry into the cruiser market, and one thing's for sure: It's no hog. But at 751 pounds dry and nearly...
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    Rockets Across America

    ROCKETS ACROSS AMERICA getting together in Nashville Tennesee. Here's a link to details.
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    Feeling Better All The Time

    This article will start your Monday off right! Cycle dealer's business getting better each year Belleville News-Democrat April 09, 2007 Steve Wiedau struck out on his own a decade and a half ago to start his own motorcycle shop. Eight years ago he got a Triumph franchise, banking that the...
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    Rocket III Options at a glance

    Nice shots/sounds of popular Rocket options/omissions. About 5 minutes long. Enjoy!:)
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    Classic English Bike?!?!?!?!?

    This article, although kewl, says somethings I don't agree with. For instance referring to Royal Enfield as a British bike? How about stating that even Triumph is not made in England but oversees, as opposed to Royal Enfield?!?! But wait, when was even one screw made in England for Royal...
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    92% of Brits Agree, Rocket III Top Shelf

    I'll bet we rank right up there in the America's. Triumph Motorcycles wants you to test ride their highly acclaimed Rocket III or Rocket III Classic to see if you agree with the 92% of Rocket III owners who rate the overall performance of their bike as ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’. Test ride...
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    No Triumph demo rides in KC for 2007

    With Harley's grip on Kansas City, fueled my a huge plant, it seems Triumph bike week 2007 is going right by us. WOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHH.......:eek: ...of course, they can only make SO many stops......:rolleyes: Here's the schedule: .....they'll be at...
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    Very Old School Triumph Factory Video

    Make Some Time For This One. Pour yourself a favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy a 30 minute voyage into a Triumph factory in ruddy old England. The link below will show a 30 minute video from 1957, inside a Triumph factory.
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    Nice article about Norton of old.

    The Navigator that lost its way PRINCE FEDERICK Norton made a bold foray into the lightweight motorcycle market, but priced itself out of it THE NUMBERS GAME The Norton Navigator might be dime a dozen in England, but is a rare sight in India Stability can be achieved only through means...
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    Triumph Makes TopTen 2006 Sales

    Motorcycle sales continue to BOOM By, Trevor Hedge Official sales figures for 2006 are in and a close examination of the figures produces some interesting facts. (Hondax Note: These figures are for the last six months in Australia.) Honda continues to lead the market with an overall share...
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    Royal Enfield on the heels of Triumph.

    Royal Enfield plans to boost 2007 production 10%, bringing it close to Triumphs. Royal Enfield report that UK sales of its Bullet motorcycle, now in its 52nd year of production, rose by 6% during 2006, which compares well to the overall market that managed an increase of just 1% over 2005...
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    Triumph Triumph's Triumphantly Again

    SPRINT ST WINS ENDURANCE TEST The Sprint ST has just fought off the BMW K1200S and the Honda VFR-ABS to win Motorrad’s 50,000km endurance test, beating 12 other competitor bikes to the top spot. Motorrad, Germany’s best-selling and most influential motorcycle magazine, found that after...
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    Triumph Worldwide Sales up 18%

    Ever wonder how many Triumph motorcycles are sold worldwide? Read on: Hinckley, UK – 3 January 2007: The Triumph Group continued its strong year-on-year growth in the 2006 financial year, which ended on 30 June 2006. Group turnover rose by 13% from GBP 177 million (USD 327m) to GBP 200...
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    Triumphs Mind Boggling American Sales Defy Belief

    Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd. Sales Top 10,000 units in 2006 NEWNAN, Georgia, Jan. 3, 2007 -- Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd., announced today that its dealers retailed 10,726 units in the US during 2006. This is the first time Triumph's retail sales have exceed 10,000 units in a...
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    Rocket III Tourer

    Italian firm "Extreme Designs" has beaten Triumph to the production of a Rocket III Touring version. A photo can be found at the link below.
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    Vintage Triumph Story

    VINTAGE TRIUMPH STORY: Good Read! by scot steele Friday, December 22, 2006 Let's raise a glass to the survivors: bikes that, against all odds, are still with us, still running after all these years, as if blessed by some supernatural mechanical momentum. After a few decades of riding, a number...
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    Future Motorcycle Trends

    Insight as to what is likely to happen in the near future as far as new bikes are concerned: Just as we approach the last of the new bike launches for this year, we also ar given some up-to-date trading figures for some of the major players in the bike world. Whilst to most they are boring...
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    Sidecar Anyone??

    Triumph Rocket III Sidecar Unit
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