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  1. rocketjohn

    New old bike

    Welp, as many know I lost my Rocket in a tussle with a deer last May, and have had only a Suzuki Intruder to ride in the meantime...well I also had a Sportster but it was worth some coins and I needed them coins.....but lately I have bought a 1989 Harley FLTCU Tour Glide Ultra Classic....high...
  2. rocketjohn

    Bike down deer dead.

    Heading into Oak Island NC in the dark a deer jumped across leaving no chance for brake or swerve. R3T goes near as fast on it's side as on it's wheels. Pretty scuffed up. I have some road rash and sore bits, nephew got some rash but we will live. Hope the frame ain't tweaked.
  3. rocketjohn


    Ordered one for my Rocket! Long distance rides no longer will cause wrist cramps!
  4. rocketjohn

    Spring Fever

    Got Rocket out for a little trip first time in several months. A little chilly but just had to do it. Might be warmer in a day or two, but I might be at work as well sooooo go when ya can!
  5. rocketjohn

    Well, nearly ready for a trip but.....

    I got an inspection sticker, first come first serve in Virginia, so slid right in. Came out with 6 quarts of Castrol and a filter and some plug washers...... However, having the next week off, and looking to actually go somewhere....the weather is determined to not cooperate....not sure what I...
  6. rocketjohn

    Have 1500rpm idle and P0505

    Which is an ISCV error. Background...I was rooting around under the tank installing ramair. That went fairly well and I did a 12 minute tune thereafter, noting that idle was around 900rpm give or take. When tune was complete I shut down, and buttoned everything back up. Now I COULD have knocked...
  7. rocketjohn

    Popping gone, and good riddance!

    Took the modified 20366 tune, which is unrestricted and ostensibly for bikes with Jardines. In downloaded form however it was way too lean for me. So, with ramair kit at the post office waiting for me to claim it, I trimmed up 6% across the board, and disabled O2 sensor to force running from the...
  8. rocketjohn

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  9. rocketjohn

    Mark your calendar. Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  10. rocketjohn

    Where are you going on your Rocket?

    Maybe this could be a run on when you have a ride worth noting coming up. As for me, it's a toss up, either I will take a three day trip of about 700 miles up to Frostburg, over to Barboursville, and down Route 60 along the Kanawha River. Or I might do a two day, with the trip...
  11. rocketjohn

    where's the port?

    At the risk of bringing last year to life....where is the OBD2 port on the R3T?....I looked round the battery but saw nothing obvious. I know what it should look like, just need to know what hole to look in.
  12. rocketjohn

    Which tune?

    I have got the cable, the app, and for measure a tuneecu compatible bluetooth dongle on the way. Question is what should I look for tune wise? My bike has the now discontinued Jardine full set exhaust. Sounds good, runs good, but there is some popping on decel. While I might be interested in...
  13. rocketjohn

    New in town.

    Hello all, from Virginia here, and have just this day taken ownerhip of a 2013 R3T, with 3300 miles. Will be leaning on all ya'll for whatever I can learn, and perhaps as I become more familiar with my ride I might have a nugget of knowledge to pass on.
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