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  1. Jag

    Final gear fluid

    You can do it without removing the can. Use a 90 degree Allen keys but you won’t be able to get a torque wrench on it, so be careful when you tighten her back up!
  2. Jag

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out!

    Big brother is going to save us from ourselves!
  3. Jag

    starter clicks only when motor is hot

    I have been fighting this issue since my bike was a year old. During the last 6 years I have done all the up grades, starter, doubled up on the negative wire, Ken’s keyless system, battery always on a tender, clean tighten connections often, every upgrade made it better but still, every now...
  4. Jag

    Oxfordshire Council withdraw anti-bike statements from consultation document

    Interpretation! We’re sorry we worded it so harshly and we corrected that, but we are still correct despite what the statistics say!
  5. Jag

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    Buy a new bike now before the looming inflation makes it unaffordable!
  6. Jag

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    that will cost you 300$ an hour and may be desirable to some!
  7. Jag

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    it’s only gay if you enjoyed it!
  8. Jag

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    nothing political or you get your pee pee smacked! Lol
  9. Jag

    New member

    Your in brother! Congrats!
  10. Jag

    Rocket 3 TFC Initial Service

    I paid 500$ in 2013 and never went back again!
  11. Jag

    2013 Tours and Ramair

    I have a touring model so can’t help with the tune but the ram air is great and android version of tune ECU is easier to use, has more options and is still supported!
  12. Jag

    Disable ABS? (2.5L)

    Can you rev your motor to redline in neutral?
  13. Jag

    Disable ABS? (2.5L)

    If it’s like the new cars they have software called torque management, not sure if they use it on bikes yet! But almost every newer high power car has this!
  14. Jag

    Support your local businesses

    biden is loopy!
  15. Jag

    All these stickers... what do you do?

    remove and throw away! Order new one to put on if you sell!
  16. Jag

    Request advice on new brake system 2014 R3T

    The ty wrap trick is a good old fashion dirt bike trick and it works great!
  17. Jag

    Request advice on new brake system 2014 R3T

    The triumph OEM lines are steel under the plastic cover if I remember correctly! You need to bleed both calipers at the same time using a vacuum pump and a dual caliper set up. I don’t have abs but it couldn’t hurt to bleed/ change the fluid in the abs unit! I’m real anal when it comes to...
  18. Jag

    Cam chain only has 4 links vs 5

    Snap on has them in stock for 15,000$!
  19. Jag

    Odd Vibration

    ADHD every thread! So much fun!
  20. Jag

    New(ish) Cruiser Rider in Maryland

    the ty rap trick works really good on the tire change. You tube it.
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